Bigsby Spare Parts Booklet

This booklet contains all of the Bigsby vibrato spares and replacement parts currently available including photos and product part number.

Download Bigsby Spare Parts List

Part Number Description
0495-0237 Bearing, Needle
0495-0230 Bearing, Roller, Bronze
0495-0210G Bracket, Chet Atkins, 2 Pc., Gold
0495-0210 Bracket, Chet Atkins, 2 Pc., Stainless
0495-0215G Bracket, Chet Atkins, Top Only Gold
0495-0215 Bracket, Chet Atkins, Top-Only Stainless
0495-0217G Bracket, Handle, Gold
0495-0217 Bracket, Handle, Stainless
0495-0217LH Bracket, Handle, Stainless Lefty
0495-0221G Bracket, Stationary, Gold
0495-0221 Bracket, Stationary, Stainless
0495-0240 Bridge, Assembly, Sorkin
0495-0250GLH Bridge, Conventional Lefty Gold
0495-0250LH Bridge, Conventional Lefty Stainless
0495-0250G Bridge, Gold
0495-0271 Bridge, Guild Special
0495-0271G Bridge, Guild Special Gold
0495-0260 Bridge, Les Paul Assembly, Stainless
0495-0250 Bridge, Stainless
0495-0258 Bridge, Tele Adjustable w/2 bushings
0495-0255G Bridge, Telecaster Conventional Gold
0495-0255 Bridge, Tele® Conventional Polished
0495-0834G Handle, Chet Atkins, 7”, Gold
0495-0834 Handle, Chet Atkins, 7”, Stainless
0495-0839G Handle, Chet Atkins, 9 ½”, Gold
0495-0839 Handle, Chet Atkins, 9 ½”, Stainless
0495-0843G Handle, Chet Atkins, Assembly, Gold
0495-0843 Handle, Chet Atkins, Assembly, Stainless
0495-0847G Handle, Duane Eddy, Assembly, Gold
0495-0847 Handle, Duane Eddy, Assembly, Stainless
0495-0825G Handle, Flat 9 ½” Gold
0495-0873G Handle, Flat Assembly, Gold
0495-0873 Handle, Flat Assembly, Stainless
0495-0884G Handle, Flat Vintage Assembly Gold
0495-0884 Handle, Flat Vintage Assembly Polish
0495-0878 Handle, Flat w/stud and small parts
0495-0878G Handle, Flat w/stud and small parts, Gold
0495-0878LH Handle, Flat w/stud and small parts, Lefty
0495-0876G Handle, Flat w/stud, Gold
0495-0876 Handle, Flat w/stud, Polished
0495-0823G Handle, Flat, 9 ½” w/stud, Gold
0495-0823G Handle, Flat, 9 ½” w/stud, Gold
0495-0815 Handle, Flat, 9 ½” w/stud, nut & spring, Stainless
0495-0823 Handle, Flat, 9 ½” w/stud, Stainless
0495-0810 Handle, Flat, 9 ½”, Stainless
0495-0863G Handle, Merle Travis, Assembly, Gold
0495-0863 Handle, Merle Travis, Assembly, Stainless
0495-0870G Handle, Merle Travis, Gold
0495-0870 Handle, Merle Travis, Stainless
0495-0881G Handle, Narrow Vintage Assembly Gold
0495-0881 Handle, Narrow Vintage Assembly Polish
0495-0882 Handle, Stationary Model #2 Flat, Polish
0495-0883G Handle, Stationary, 1 Pc., Gold
0495-0883 Handle, Stationary, 1 Pc., Stainless
0495-0873GLH HandleFlat Assembly, Gold Lefty
0495-0891G Hinge, Conventional Gold
0495-0891 Hinge, Conventional Polished
0495-0896G Hinge, Ex Short Gold
0495-0896 Hinge, Ex Short Polished
0495-0890G Hinge, Gretsch Gold
0495-0890 Hinge, Gretsch Stainless
0495-1410 Nut, Handle
0495-1635G Pin, Hinge, Gold
0495-1635 Pin, Hinge, Stainless
0495-1630 Pin, Roller
0495-0257 Plate, Tele Bridge Polished
0495-1837G Roller, Gold
0495-1837 Roller, Steel
0495-0261 Saddle, Bridge New Polished
0495-0261 Saddle, Bridge New Polished
0495-02551 Saddle, For Bridge Polished
0495-1923G Screw, Hinge Regular Gold
0495-1923 Screw, Hinge Regular Stainless
0495-1927G Screw, Mounting, Gold
0495-1927 Screw, Mounting, Stainless
0495-1931 Screw, Set
0495-1944G Shaft, Handle, Gold (string bar)
0495-1944 Shaft, Handle, Stainless (string bar)
0495-1960 Spring, Handle
0495-1975G Spring, Tension, 1”, Gold
0495-1975 Spring, Tension, 1”, Stainless
0495-1967G Spring, Tension, 7/8”, Gold
0495-1967 Spring, Tension, 7/8”, Stainless
0495-1980G Stud, Handle, Gold
0495-1980 Stud, Handle, Stainless
0495-2331 Washer, Fibre Handle
0495-0410 Washer, Plastic