Question: Where are Bigsby Vibratos made?

Answer: Standard Bigsby Vibratos are made in the USA. Some licensed models may be manufactured internationally.

Question: How long has Bigsby been around?

Answer: The manufacturing of the Bigsby began in the mid to late 1940’s.

Question: What guitar brands use the Bigsby Vibrato System?

Answer: Many guitars come stock with a Bigsby Vibrato. Some include Gibson, Guild, and Hamer; however, it is the Gretsch Guitar that have become synonymous with Bigsby.

Question: Which Bigsby Vibrato will fit my guitar?

Answer: Bigsby Vibratos are manufactured in two sizes (long and short) and are designed to fit almost any electric guitar. Some models are equipped with an additional pressure bar.

As a general guide:

* Model B-3 is designed for thin electric guitars
* Model B-5 is designed for flat top solid-body guitars
* Model B-6 is designed for large acoustic and arch top guitars
* Model B-7 is designed for thin electric guitars with more downward pressure
* Model B-11 is for thin electric guitars with an arch
* Model B-12 has a pressure bar and is designed for large acoustic and arch top guitars

Question: Do I have to alter my instrument to install a Bigsby Vibrato?

Answer: Only slightly. Bigsbys’ are fairly easy to install, however you should always consult a qualified guitar technician before installing.

Question: Can I install a Bigsby Vibrato myself?

Answer: Yes. Anyone with some basic hand tool skills can install a Bigsby Vibrato.

Question: How do I install a Bigsby Vibrato?

Answer: Bigsbys generally attach at the butt end of the guitar with 3 small screws.

* Remove the strings and the original tailpiece from your guitar.
* Find the centerline of the guitar and mark the butt end.
* Align the center of the Bigsby with this mark.
* Attach the Bigsby Vibrato using the supplied screws.
* Replace the strings and you are ready to go.

Question: Is it difficult to re-string a Bigsby?

Re-Stringing the Bigsby Vibrato

1. Crimp the string at a 45 o angle next to the ball end (A).

2. Feed the string underneath, around and over the axle (B).

3. Place the ball end of the string onto the axle pin (C), keeping tension on the string to hold the ball in place.

4. Push a foam wedge (D) into the space under the axle to keep the string in place on the pin while winding.

5. Wind the string onto the tuning machine, tune to pitch and remove the foam wedge.

6. Repeat for each string

Question: Where can I purchase a Bigsby Vibrato?

Answer: It’s best to order your Bigsby through a reputable guitar parts supply shop such as;

* WD Music Products
* Elderly Instruments
* Stewart Macdonald
* All Parts
They should be able to help you choose the right model

Question: Where can I hear the sound of a Bigsby Vibrato?

Answer: Everywhere! Since the 1940’s, top performers have used Bigsby Vibratos to achieve their sound. Chet Atkins, Brian Setzer, Keith Richards, Les Paul, Neil Young and George Harrison are just a few.Helpful links and resources for Bigsby products click here.