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Topic: installation concerns:
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installation concerns:
on: June 20, 2013, 07:18


I am upgrading an Epiphone Wilshire Phant-O-Matic to have a Bigsby.

I purchased and installed a B5 w/ V5 Vinramate quickmount. However I have never modded/added hardware to a guitar on my own and have a few concerns:

1. The vibramate does not sit flush with the body of the guitar due to the raised "washer" type metal rings that surround the tailpiece holes in the body that the vibramate is screwed down to the body with (the holes that used to hold justthe tail piece). IF these raised rings were not present it looks like the Vibramate would sit totally flush (and I could even use a couple longer screws int he back holes to secure it downt ot he body if needed since I dont plan to ever remove the Bigsby)

Should I be concerned that it is not flush? Should I have the threaded inserts in the mounting holes replaced so that there are no raised "washer" rings around the holes and the vibramate can sit flush?

Here is a few pics to illustrate:

Im mostly concerned if this elevation of the mounting plate is causing structual stress or increased tension?

2. Also is it effecting/reducing sustain to have so little contact witht he body of the guitar? It is on tightly even elevated, the guitar seems to stay in tune and the bigsby works fine as is, but I'm thinking if I might be opening myself up for problems in an way long term as is?

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Re: installation concerns:
on: September 17, 2013, 13:58


It looks like the inserts for your guitar are not glued in securely. This will cause the system to lift from the guitar body. The Vibramate installation instructions have a note about guitars with loose inserts that should be either glued better or replaced. Vibramate also makes a replacement insert kit that eliminates the raised collars if this is a concern.

Please check the installation instructions and more information can also be found on the Vibramate website at;

Replacement Insert kits are available online here;

Hope that helps and thank you for your post!

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