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Gretsch Guitars start using Bigsby Vibratos

What? Of course Gretsch Guitars use Bigsby vibratos; they are almost ubiquitous on Gretsch. What gives? At the 2017 NAMM Show, Gretsch Guitars introduced a number of new models that utilize our B7 vibrato (previously most models used our B6 or B3).  With the new Player’s Edition and Broadcaster range, these B7’d models expand the range, versatility and sonic landscape of ‘That Great Gretsch Sound”. As the B7 vibrato features a tension bar (which increases the break angle between the tailpiece and bridge), the feel is different than other Gretsch models which utilize our B6.  The increased break angle can be a benefit to those players that enjoy a ‘tighter’ feeling action, are heavy strummers, thumb-pickers, or aggressive high energy folks.  In any situation, we think it is a great addition to their line and enjoyed seeing these at NAMM.  Check out the video below that Guitar Center did featuring the line:

And from Anderton’s here (covers the full line of Gretsch, not just the Centerblocks):

Tons of great information in these videos—time to go out guitar shopping! Very cool stuff from Gretsch!

You can check out the new products from Gretsch HERE.

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Winter NAMM 2017!


Each January ushers in the phenomenal experience that is NAMM!  Drawing crowds from around the globe into the Anaheim Convention Center, 2017 saw a new record of 106,928 visitors!  Four glorious days filled to the brim with new gear and an all-access opportunity to check out on your own terms. While the generally sunny days gave way to some intense rain, the halls were packed with excited convention goers.  Perhaps the largest, most intense, and fun event of its kind anywhere on earth–nothing compares to NAMM!  According to NAMM, the 2017 registration and attendance topped 106k showcasing more than 7,000 brands!

We say and feel this each year but, sincere gratitude and thanks to those that stopped by to visit and check out our full product line.  Seeing folks getting up close and being able to compare our different vibrato models in person is what makes this show so incredible and drives us!  While our booth is the epicenter of Bigsby tailpieces at the show, it certainly wasn’t the only place they could be found.  All around the show, our vibratos were featured on dozens of the most well-known and established brands along with new companies and boutique builders.  Check out the photos below for a small taste of this great event; and you can check out NAMM’s gallery HERE! It is always a humbling experience to see how folks use our vibratos, but 2017 NAMM was somethin’ else!


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Just around the corner…Winter NAMM 2017!


As we approach the new year, one cannot help but think about the future.  In this case, that means NAMM! Thousands of exhibitors, outstanding gear around every turn, and a chance for the music industry to get together face-to-face and reconnect.  Our final prep is going on now and we’re excited to be heading back to the Anaheim Convention Center! The 2017 NAMM Show will be held January 19-22. Even though this is a Trade Only event, you can expect show updates from the show floor throughout the event! Once again, our booth will be in Hall D, booth 3540. Be sure to come by and say hello and check out our full line of True Vibratos. One of our favorite things about the NAMM Show is to see how many manufacturers use our tailpieces; got any guesses? Check our wrap up report after the show for the total!

See you soon Anaheim!

Lots of great information about happenings at the show from NAMM HERE.

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Videos for this Long holiday weekend!

With a long holiday weekend just ahead, we thought we’d put together a small collection of some of our favorite Bigsby’d footage.  So, sit back, turn up the volume, grab your favorite beverage and enjoy!

Obviously, there are MANY greats no posted here; what are your favorites?

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GuitArlington 2016-That’s a wrap!

While we live in an ever increasingly digital world, some screens can’t compare to actual reality.  Case in point is annual extravaganza that is GuitArlington!  Thousands of guitars, enthusiasts, new gear, and palpable energy await all who entered.  If you haven’t yet made the trek, and you’re a lover of guitars, you really should put it on your calendar for 2017.    The sheer size and diversity of gear is mind-boggling.  Happy as always to be next to our favorite pals TV Jones, who fresh from the Holy Grail Show in Berlin, brought along some truly awe-inspiring guitars. Check out these amazing treasures…

This year was no exception and some really amazing items were showcased throughout the show. Adding to the delight was the fact that Heritage Auctions had a showing during the event; save up those pennies the Bigsby ‘Luke’ guitar is still available! Many thanks to everyone who came out and made this an incredible and fun weekend! See you next year!

Check out more photos from the show HERE.



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DIY–Install a Specialty handle on your vibrato!

Lately, we’ve been getting many requests for information on our specialty handles and how to install them. Luckily, we created a video last year showing the process–and how easy it can be! If you’ve been thinking about adding a Chet Atkins wire, Duane Eddy, or Merle Travis handle to your guitar, this video is for you.  Please note that this works on our Original Kalamazoo series vibratos only (not on our Lightning Series 1&2).   Hopefully this video will help answer all of the those questions and soothes the mind……Enjoy!

Interested in adding one to your guitar? Stop by your favorite local guitar shop and pick one up!

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