Whew! What a weekend! The 2018 Dallas International Guitar Festival kept with tradition in that land where things are known to be large—this event was HUGE! Hundreds of exhibits, dozens of live performances, and more guitars than should be allowed in a single room! We had a blast talking to folks from all over the globe who traveled to this one-of-a-kind event. Also, being next to TV Jones is always a treat and listening to the lush tones of their new Starwood Tele and humbucker sets was icing on the cake. We’re always so grateful to get the opportunity to travel and visit with folks that are either learning about our products for the first time, or are veterans who have been playing Bigsby equipped guitars for decades—THANKS! Another great event is in the books-we’ll see you at the new (formerly GuitArlington) show in Fort Worth in October!

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