Bigsby Pedal Steel

Bigsby Pedal Steel

Bird’s Eye Maple whenever available or “fiddle back” Maple. In the event that neither Bird’s Eye or “fiddle back” maple are available, the finest cherry will be used. In any event the finish will be Lacquer, hand rubbed to a piano lustre. Necks and end plates; cast aluminum, highly polished.

Bigsby pickup, the most powerful on any steel guitar, positioned to give the fullest possible tone and get all the harmonics. Eight or ten strings per neck.

Chrome plated seamless tubing. Legs are telescoping so that guitar may be played either standing or sitting. Legs screw quickly into end plates of guitar. Setting up time, four minutes.

Push button switch mounted between first and second neck, one button for each neck.


Volume and tone controls are mounted on the right end plate, very accessible, and leaving the top of the guitar absolutely free of knobs and gadgets. Controls can be replaced in 5 minutes.

Bigsby guitars are the most accurate. No more feeling around for the tone somewhere near the fret marker. Built-in ash tray on all models if desired. Weight, triple neck, complete in case 54 pounds, without pedals. Single, double and four neck steel guitars are of the same general appearance and construction as the triple neck.