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Spartanburg 2012!

If you were in South Carolina the weekend of February 25-26 and didn’t attend the 2012 Spartanburg guitar show, you missed out on an incredible experience! The Spartanburg Expo Center was filled with exhibitors showing the finest in new and vintage gear. Saturday’s attendance was one of the best on record, and boy did it show! Not a dull moment was to be had and visitors were proudly sporting a variety of newly acquired goods. We were on hand with a multitude of Bigsby and Gretsch items to add to the shopping delight.

Finding cool things around the show floor wasn’t difficult; whatever you were looking for was there. Jody Porter from Fountains of Wayne stopped by, vintage Les Pauls were ripe for jamming’,and even an original Paul Bigsby re-necked Martin guitar owned by Smitty Smith!  Thanks to everyone who came out and made the 2012 show the best yet! Be sure to check out our other events for 2012 HERE. See you further on up the road!


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