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Philly Guitar Show 2013!

The Great American Guitar Show, one of the largest in the Northeast, returns November 9-10! The great folks at Bee3Vintage are again promoting this wonderful event to be held at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA. Exhibiting what seems to be almost every great vintage instrument in existence, rocking deals, and stories, the show is sure to be chock-full of goodies for everyone.

Two (or more) of these great findings will be found right at the Bigsby booth. Firstly, we are excited to offer the opportunity to get a Bigsby Vibrato Installed for FREE during the show. Buy a Bigsby and we’ll install it for you for FREE right there at the show.   Check out the flyer HERE or e-mail Adam Seutter at: for more details.  Buy a Bigsby, bring in your guitar….we’ll take care of the rest. Pretty easy huh?

Your favorite guitar already has a Bigsby? Then stop by the Bigsby booth for an 8-point ‘Pit-Stop’! Let us get your Bigsby in tip-top shape. Additionally, the Bigsby booth will not only have our full line of vibratos on hand, but also replacement parts and accessories—so you can try that Duane Eddy handle you’ve been wondering about…



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