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Jimmy Page’s long lost Les Paul

We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling in our bellies when we hear about a musicians gear being stolen.  Far too many of us have personal stories along the same lines and rarely does the story end happily.  Jimmy Page recently experienced one of the rare happy endings–albeit he had to wait 46 years! Page’s 1960 Black Beauty–which was equipped with a B7 vibrato–was stolen from an airport while on tour in April of 1970.  Not many details have been released yet, but it is rumored that Page was reunited with the guitar back in early 2016 with the help of legendary collector and gent Perry Margouleff.  While there too many photos of the instrument available, a few are shown below along with film of Led Zeppelin performing at the Royal Albert Hall.  Not only does Page demonstrate his mastery of Bigsby, he does while paying homage to another hero in the Bigsby world: Mr. Eddie Cochran! Enjoy!

Jimmy Page Black Beauty 3 Jimmy Page Black Beauty 2 Jimmy Page Black Beauty B7






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