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Gretsch Guitars start using Bigsby Vibratos

What? Of course Gretsch Guitars use Bigsby vibratos; they are almost ubiquitous on Gretsch. What gives? At the 2017 NAMM Show, Gretsch Guitars introduced a number of new models that utilize our B7 vibrato (previously most models used our B6 or B3).  With the new Player’s Edition and Broadcaster range, these B7’d models expand the range, versatility and sonic landscape of ‘That Great Gretsch Sound”. As the B7 vibrato features a tension bar (which increases the break angle between the tailpiece and bridge), the feel is different than other Gretsch models which utilize our B6.  The increased break angle can be a benefit to those players that enjoy a ‘tighter’ feeling action, are heavy strummers, thumb-pickers, or aggressive high energy folks.  In any situation, we think it is a great addition to their line and enjoyed seeing these at NAMM.  Check out the video below that Guitar Center did featuring the line:

And from Anderton’s here (covers the full line of Gretsch, not just the Centerblocks):

Tons of great information in these videos—time to go out guitar shopping! Very cool stuff from Gretsch!

You can check out the new products from Gretsch HERE.


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