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Dallas Guitar Show Wrap Up!

DIGF 2017
















Each spring, droves of guitar-aholics attend one of the biggest events: The Dallas International Guitar Festival! 2017 marked the 40th anniversary of the event, which was held at the Dallas Market Hall on May 5-7. For the special event, live acts included Ted Nugent, Eric Gales, George Lynch, and Sonny Landreth among MANY others. For our part, we teamed up with our friends from TV Jones! Words really can’t do justice to such an awe-inspiring spectactle, and so we suggest making plans to visit if you’ve never been and are interested-at all-in guitars. Truly incredible.  Take a look below for a few shots from around the show and HERE for a some more.  Many thanks to all who came out and made the 2017 show a memorable weekend! See you next time!





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