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Chicago Guitar Show 2012

Spring is in full effect and that can only mean that it is time for the Chicago guitar show! Promoted by the good folks at Texas Guitar Shows, the DuPage Expo Center will be the hotspot May 19-20. Dealers and manufacturers from around the country will be showcasing the best in new and vintage goods.

Bigsby will be on hand with our full line of vibratos and demo guitars.  We will also be offering on the spot FREE installations* with the purchase of a vibrato or a Pit-Stop! What’s a Pit-Stop you may ask? Simply put, it’s a “Refresher” for your Bigsby-equipped guitar.  We’ll go over the guitar and make sure it’s at tip-top vibrato playing performance–all for FREE!!! Make it a point to stop by for a visit–you won’t be disappointed!

Want more information on the FREE installation*?  Check the flyer HERE.

See you in Chicago!


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