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Arlington Guitar Show – October 2008

Arlington Guitar Show

Arlington Guitar Show

In the world of guitar shows, nothing is larger or more grand than the Arlington Texas show. Guitar enthusiasts from around the globe convened to experience guitar heaven on October 18-19. Everyone on hand was treated to a truly mind-boggling array of instruments. Bigsby was in attendance displaying the full line of original vibratos and accessories. Installation demonstrations were performed throughout the weekend on a variety of guitars including Gretsch, Fender, and Bigsby. Throngs of folks stopped by the booth to ask questions, check out the line and share stories

The Arlington show even saw a couple of ‘vintage’ Bigsby stories come to the surface. Two gentlemen stopped by to share their stories of dealing with Paul Bigsby in the mid 1950s. One even saved the pricelist and information the Mr. Bigsby gave him so many years ago-wow! Never one to disappoint; this years Arlington Guitar Show lived up to its reputation as the flagship of shows… thanks for a wonderful show!


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