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A visit to the Bachman/Gretsch Exhibit at the CMHOF!

Much has been written about the amazing collection of vintage Gretsch guitars currently on display at the Country Music Hall of Fame (CMHOF) in Nashville.  As American Sound and Beauty nears the end of its run, which closes on July 17, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to check it out while we were in town for Summer NAMM a few weeks back.  Bachman-Turner Overdrive founder Randy Bachman spent many years collecting a 385 strong collection of rare-and in some cases one of a kind-Gretsches after having his prized 6120 stolen in the mid 70s.  In 2008 the Gretsch Foundation purchased the entire collection and donated it to the CMHOF.  Of that massive and impressive collection, 75 stunning examples were chosen to showcase the breadth and varied history of Gretsch Guitars.  This is the largest display of instruments that the museum has ever mounted.  Broken down into three distinctive categories: American Made 1927-1947, The Golden Era 1946-1966, and The Baldwin Era 1967-1981, visitors have the opportunity to see development and innovation over many decades. It’s difficult to overstate the driving force that Gretsch has been over the decades and this collection demonstrates that.  Whether its the incredible options including newly introduced (at the time) Bigsby vibratos, sparkle finishes, zero-frets, or revolutionary stereo options, its all on display. Below are a few of the photos we snapped during our visit. Drooling and heart pitter patters are acceptable…

Check out more on the exhibit from the CMHOF HERE


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