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Bay Area World Show 2015 wrap up

Our first time back to the Bay since 2009, and boy was it a great time! Its always a treat to see the cool great that this area has to offer.  Vintage Fenders, Gibsons, Guilds, Martins, and many others graced the floor of the Marin County Civic Center (we love that the complex was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright!).  Some very cool Bigsby-equipped instruments were certainly represented, and you can check out photos of some below (and more HERE).  You’ve heard us say it before,  but we really love hearing personal stories about meeting Paul Bigsby, your favorite Bigsby equipped guitar or even the one that got away….)!  As you may have heard us say, this is our last show for the summer, but not to worry as we will be at GuitArlington this October!  If you weren’t able to take us up on our FREE Installation or Pit-Stop offer, make plans to join us in Texas this fall.   Kind thanks to everyone that came out and we’ll see you down the road!

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We’re heading back to the Bay!

Just around the corner is our final event for the summer (don’t worry, we’re still heading to GuitArlington in October)! That’s right, we are heading back to California for the Bay Area World Guitar Show! 2015 is our first time back since 2009, and we are very excited to return! This year the event will be at the Marin Civic Center (great building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright!) on August 15-16 from 10-5pm on Saturday and 10-4pm on Sunday.  As we’re sure that you are, we are excited to check out all of the great gear that will be available on the show floor. Premium goods are certain to dazzle all! For our part, we’ll be offering our full line of vibratos and accessories and FREE installations and Pit-Stops. Click THIS flyer link and schedule your time to have a Bigsby added to your favorite guitar! If your guitar already has a Bigsby, feel free to schedule an appointment to have us perform a 8 point check up to make sure your guitar’s vibrato is operating in tip-top shape.  We can’t wait to see you in San Rafael in a few weeks! As always, check out our Twitter and Facebook pages for updates from the show floor.


Additional show details HERE.



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Summer NAMM Wrap Up

Each time we travel to Nashville, we are always impressed by the graciousness of all the folks we meet.  Summer NAMM 2015 was no exception and we thank you all for making the show so special! Filling the floor of the wonderful Music City Center was tons of gear from a great cross-section of the industry.  As you may know, this year’s event also included a special ‘Music Industry Day’ which was open to the public.  An incredible opportunity to see the inner workings of the music industry–perfect for Music City! In addition to being able to check out all of the new products hitting the market in the coming months, guests we able to attend workshops and seminars to broaden their perspective.  On our end, we had wonderful time talking to folks about our entire product line and the amazing heritage and legacy of the Bigsby name.  Not to mention that the legacy continues through the variety of new manufacturers using Bigsby tailpieces—welcome!  Thanks again to everyone that came out and for your support and we look forward to seeing you down the road! 

To check out more of our photos from the show, click HERE.

And for the NAMM Photo Gallery, click HERE.

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Summer NAMM 2015!

Believe it or not, Summer NAMM is just around the corner!  2015 will again see the Summer NAMM Show return for the third year to the beautiful Nashville Music City Center.  There is sure to be many incredible new products and great gear to check out, and whats especially amazing is this year YOU will be able to check it out! Not just for industry insiders, 2015 is again going to have a ‘public ‘ day.  NAMM is dedicated to bringing music to everyone, and to that end has designated Saturday July 11 as Music Industry Day! You can get more details on their site HERE, but just know that YOU can attend! Our display in Music City Center will be booth 925.  It’ll be stocked with our full product line for you to check out.  And while you’re there, sign up for our quarterly newsletter and receive a FREE color poster!  We’re looking for to seeing you soon!

Stay with us for updates and photos from the show floor!


Find more information about NAMM HERE.

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Summer Philly Wrap-Up

The weekend of June 27-28 and the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center played host to the 2015 Summer Philly Guitar Show!  As in years past, this event showcased fabulous vintage instruments as well as great player-grade gear.  We had a blast visiting with the great crowd and talking about all things Bigsby and gear related! Kind thanks to all who came out, braved the rain, and supported this event.  With many fun moments added to the memory box, our favorite was seeing the original 1950s Bigsby mandolin—absolutely incredible craftsmanship! We’re excited to come back in November; until then, check out THESE photos from around the show!

On to Summer NAMM in Nashville!

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Installing a specialty handle!

Have you been thinking about adding a Chet Atkins wire handle to your guitar? How about the Duane Eddy or Merle Travis ones? Many folks consider adding it to their Original Kalamazoo series vibratos, but are concerned that it is too difficult, time consuming, or simply beyond what they would typically be comfortable doing to their beloved instrument.  Thankfully, the process is straight forward, quick, and pretty easy! To demonstrate the process we created the short video below.  Hopefully this will help answer all of the those questions and soothes the mind……Enjoy!

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