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Summer NAMM 2015!

Believe it or not, Summer NAMM is just around the corner!  2015 will again see the Summer NAMM Show return for the third year to the beautiful Nashville Music City Center.  There is sure to be many incredible new products and great gear to check out, and whats especially amazing is this year YOU will be able to check it out! Not just for industry insiders, 2015 is again going to have a ‘public ‘ day.  NAMM is dedicated to bringing music to everyone, and to that end has designated Saturday July 11 as Music Industry Day! You can get more details on their site HERE, but just know that YOU can attend! Our display in Music City Center will be booth 925.  It’ll be stocked with our full product line for you to check out.  And while you’re there, sign up for our quarterly newsletter and receive a FREE color poster!  We’re looking for to seeing you soon!

Stay with us for updates and photos from the show floor!


Find more information about NAMM HERE.

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Summer Philly Wrap-Up

The weekend of June 27-28 and the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center played host to the 2015 Summer Philly Guitar Show!  As in years past, this event showcased fabulous vintage instruments as well as great player-grade gear.  We had a blast visiting with the great crowd and talking about all things Bigsby and gear related! Kind thanks to all who came out, braved the rain, and supported this event.  With many fun moments added to the memory box, our favorite was seeing the original 1950s Bigsby mandolin—absolutely incredible craftsmanship! We’re excited to come back in November; until then, check out THESE photos from around the show!

On to Summer NAMM in Nashville!

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Installing a specialty handle!

Have you been thinking about adding a Chet Atkins wire handle to your guitar? How about the Duane Eddy or Merle Travis ones? Many folks consider adding it to their Original Kalamazoo series vibratos, but are concerned that it is too difficult, time consuming, or simply beyond what they would typically be comfortable doing to their beloved instrument.  Thankfully, the process is straight forward, quick, and pretty easy! To demonstrate the process we created the short video below.  Hopefully this will help answer all of the those questions and soothes the mind……Enjoy!

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Les Paul Remembrance

Photo of Les Paul by Mike Kiekenapp As we mourn the loss of a true legend, the Bigsby Company remembers Les Paul.  Both Les Paul and Paul Bigsby were inventive and creative souls driven by the desire to inspire people through music.  A decades-long user of a Bigsby B7, Les Paul’s music contained the unmistakable smooth sounds only a Bigsby can make.  During a meeting at the Iridium Jazz Club in New York City in 2007, our friend Bob Sabellico spoke with Les Paul about many topics including his “Les Pulverizer” guitar. In the 1970s, Les Paul added a Bigsby vibrato to his guitar before the now-famous Chester and Lester sessions.  Throughout the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, Les Paul continued to perform weekly shows with his Bigsby-equipped guitars. Earlier in 2005, my wife Dinah and I had the pleasure of attending Les’s 90th birthday celebration show at Carnegie Hall. We were impressed with his humility and his sense of humor, to say nothing of his playing ability. Two years later we saw Les again, this time in the more intimate setting of the Iridium Club. We had the opportunity to meet with him personally between shows, and we found him to be a gracious host and a true gentleman. Photo of Les Paul by Mike Kiekenapp When guitar great Chet Atkins was ready to design a signature model for Gretsch back in 1954, he turned to his friend Les Paul for advice. Les had designed his namesake guitar for Gibson by that time, and Chet’s own design ultimately proved a similar success for Gretsch. The two great guitarists remained lifelong friends, and when Les came out of retirement in the mid-1970s, he teamed up with Chet for two recordings including the 1976 Grammy Award-winning Chester And Lester album. Anyone even slightly connected with guitars or recording owes a tremendous debt to Les Paul for his immeasurable contributions to the art and science of music. The Bigsby Company is truly honored to have had Les Paul as a loyal fan.  He was a genuine American original, and we will miss him very much. Fred Gretsch The Gretsch Company and Bigsby Vibratos (Photos of Les Paul by Mike Kiekenapp)

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Back to Philly!

It’s that PERFECT time of year again…SUMMER!   We think a celebration is in order, and one way to do it is to join us at the Philadelphia Guitar Show! We always get very excited for this event as the Bee3Vintage folks always put on great events.  A great chance to be amongst peers and check out some great gear–and maybe go home with a piece to three.  Be sure to check out details of the show which will be held on June 27-28 on their website HERE.  What would take to make the choice of whether or not to attend even easier? How about your favorite guitar getting a Bigsby vibrato installed for FREE ? You read that right; just stop by the booth with your favorite guitar, purchase a vibrato, and we’ll install it on the spot for FREE!* If your guitar already has a Bigsby, bring it by for a Pit-Stop, and we’ll make sure its performing in tip-top shape–for FREE! Check out the flyer HERE.  Whet your gear appetite with photos from the show last summer HERE.

See you June 27-28!

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2015 Tacoma Guitar Festival Wrap Up

This last Sunday, May 17, was the inaugural Tacoma Guitar Festival! All we can say is WOW! As you can see from the photos below, not only was the gear incredible but people packed the Tacoma Dome! The clouds parted and the sun made itself known and beamed over this often rainy region.  Inside was filled with brightness of a different kind–amazing guitars! Perhaps more than any other event in recent memory, the Tacoma Guitar Show offered nice vintage and used gear at prices that didn’t break the piggy bank-we admit we were tempted on a few items…  Included on the floor was a wide variety of boutique builders from the Northwest including our pals TV Jones! While we partner with them for a number of events throughout the year, it was cool to see them in their neck of the woods.  As you can see from the photos below, visitors were treated to some great gear. Many thanks to all who dropped by to check out our full line of products and to ask questions.  We had a blast! If you missed out this year, don’t fret too much-we’ll be back in 2016! Thanks for a great show Tacoma!

Check out more photos from the show HERE.

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