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One of our favorite things is to hear how folks use our tailpieces.  Musical instruments give us a creative output for expressing ourselves and, is often the case, become part of the art in the process.  It is under this pretense that we found such joy in the recent Fretbuzz article in The Guitarist Magazine. The world is full of wonderfully crafted, boutique, custom, and personal instruments.  For many of us,  these instruments which often carry a large price tag, are out of reach for the average player.  Those among us that aren’t able to purchase that perfect instrument, we often decide to take matters into our own hands.  Case in point is the aforementioned story in The Guitarist Magazine. To this end, we’d like to invite you to share your adventure! How did you make your dream guitar? What was the reason? What factors went into your choice of components? Submit your story and photos to  Please note that we may use any or all of the text and photos you send.

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NAMM 2018 wrap up!


January no only ushers in the new year, but sees the music community come together for the phenomenal experience that is NAMM!  Crowds from around the world gathered in the Anaheim Convention Center from January 25-28th, in Anaheim California for this outrageous event!  2018 was a year of many changes including a re-vamped floor layout, massive increase in educational seminars, new hall, and even new carpet color! It also set a record of 115,085 visitors and 2,000 booths showcasing 7,000+ brands!  Four glorious days filled from dawn til dusk with new gear and an all-access opportunity to check out on your own terms. Ahhhh!!! Did we mention that Michal Bruce from the original Alice Cooper Band was signing autographs in our booth? Yeah! Below is small glimpse of the show and we’ve posted more photos HERE.

We say and feel this each year but, sincere gratitude and thanks to those that stopped by to visit and check out our full product line.  Seeing folks getting up close and being able to compare our different vibrato models in person is what makes this show so incredible and drives us!  While our booth is the epicenter of Bigsby tailpieces at the show, it certainly wasn’t the only place they could be found.  All around the show, our vibratos were featured on dozens of the most well-known and established brands along with new companies and boutique builders.  Check out the photos below for a small taste of this great event; and you can check out NAMM’s gallery HERE! It is always a humbling experience to see how folks use our vibratos, but 2018 NAMM was somethin’ else!

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The NAMM Show 2018!


The new year has arrived, which means that NAMM is near! Oodles of exhibitors, mind-boggling gear around every corner, and the opportunity for the music industry to get together face-to-face—this is what is NAMM is about!  As you may have guessed, we’re getting excited and bags are almost packed. We’ll be heading back to the Anaheim Convention Center soon! The 2018 NAMM Show will be held January 25-28. Even though this is a Trade Only event, you can expect show updates from the show floor throughout the event! 2018 will bring many changes to the show, including a new floor layout! Our new booth is number 6217; be sure to stop by as we’ll have a special gift to share, but it will be limited so….you know what to do!  Also, we’ll be right NEXT to our friends TV Jones! We can’t wait to see what things they have up their sleeve!  Be sure to come by and say hello, pick up your gift and check out our full line of True Vibratos! See you soon, Anaheim!

Lots of great information about happenings at the show from NAMM HERE.

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Merle Travis’ 100th birthday Celebration-at the City Winery in Nashville!




Plan to be at the City Winery in Nashville on Wednesday April 18, 2018 as we celebrate the 100th birthday of the great Merle Travis! Paying tribute to the legend will be Tommy Emmanuel, Steve Wariner, Pat Bergeson, Thom Bresh, Doyle Dykes, John Jorgenson, Parker Hastings, Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley, Laurence Juber, Andy McKee, and Eddie Pennington and more! If you’ve read the Andy Babiuk’s The Story of Paul Bigsby, you know how important Merle Travis was in the history and development of Bigsby. As such, we are very honored to be a sponsor of this event along with the generous support of the Grammy Museum! The evening will benefit The Music Education Programs of The GRAMMY MuseumIt is sure to be a great evening full of great music from fabulous players paying tribute to a trailblazing icon! Get you tickets now HERE!


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Cousin Harley pays tribute to Merle Travis!


In honor of what would have been the 100th birthday of Merle Travis (November 29th), Canadian cats Cousin Harley have released a new album! Packed with classics from the catalog of this pioneer from Kentucky, Cousin Harley put their signature style all over this record.  Blue Smoke: The Music of Merle Travis consists of 12 tunes that are simply amazing.  Below are excerpts from an interview Paul Pigat did with Gretsch (full interview HERE) discussing the project along with some videos from the release party this past weekend posted by fans.


Why did you choose to honor Merle Travis?

Because he was such a huge influence on me. I’m also a firm believer that a lot of guitar players are somehow influenced by Merle Travis, they just don’t realize it. Without Merle, there’d be no Chet Atkins. Without Chet, there’d be no Scotty Moore, no Beatles, and no rock ‘n’ roll. Merle added syncopation that gave us the essence of the beginning of rock ‘n’ roll in my opinion. Even though Merle’s not as well known as, say, Charlie Christian, I think he’s equally as influential.

It’s ironic that Bigsby is sponsoring this project, given the history between Merle Travis and Paul Bigsby.

Yes, I love the connection. Merle and Paul were friends and, of course, Bigsby worked with Merle to build the first modern solidbody electric guitar in 1948. Then, a few years later, Merle challenged Bigsby to design a guitar vibrato that would work and keep his guitar in tune. That’s when the Bigsby Vibrato was born. Gretsch owns Bigsby today, and Dinah and Fred were very kind to help sponsor the project. They appreciate the historic connections between Paul Bigsby and Merle Travis, and Bigsby Vibratos and Gretsch guitars.

Cousin Harley

Cousin Harley. Photo: Adam PW Smith

You seem to be pleased with the end results of your tribute CD.

I am. I’ve wanted to do a tribute to Merle Travis for a very long time. I’ve been covering Merle tunes for years because I love a funny song, and the man could write some seriously funny songs. Any time I get to play some Merle, I’m always happy.

Blue Smoke: The Music of Merle Travis will be available from several online partners, including iTunes and CD Baby.


Check out this video YouTuber Allan MacInnis posted of the show!

And from TheNitroGretsch:

And now: Cousin Harley’s Blue Smoke: The Music of Merle Travis has been chosen as one Top Ten of Best Roots Albums by Guitar World Magazine! Check out the post HERE on!

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Gretsch On Tour!









Being the Gretsch fan that you are, you probably know that Mr. Joe Carducci has been traveling this great land spreading the word of That Great Gretsch Sound! Well, we took our turn to see the Twang-O-Rama November 18 at Riff City Guitar in New Hope, MN.  A bright, if not cold, day in the Twin Cities suburb was the perfect setting for this informative event.  As you may know, Joe Carducci is not only a man of immense Gretsch knowledge (which he is always ready to share), but also possesses a magnetic personality makes being around him so much fun! With everyone assembled and the juices flowing from the wide-reaching music video introduction, Joe hit the stage and started telling us about the history and the ‘3 Big Bangs’ of Gretsch Guitars.  Since we’re editing this for length–as 134+ years of history is a lot (and because you should seek out one of these events in person), the 3 amazing players who helped define the brand were Chet Atkins, George Harrison, and Brian Setzer.  Can you imagine music without these 3? We can’t either…The forces in popular music are undeniable!

While all of the knowledge, history, and great live music from Joe Hudson and Paul Moseley was without parallel–FREE swag doesn’t hurt either.  In addition to the very cool hats and lanyards that were given out, guests were entered into a drawing for sweet Gretsch Electromatic work shirts and a B70’d G2622T! Needless to say, everyone was beyond excited at the chance to add another guitar to their arsenal—and by the screams of excitement, the winner was quite happy! Don’t miss your chance to check out one of these amazing events at a store near you!

More information on upcoming events HERE.

Thanks to Gretsch Guitars and Riff City Guitar for a great event!

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