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Musikmesse 2015 Wrap Up

Whew! The 2015 Musikmesse is in the books! 4 days of live performances, seminars, and new gear.  Much like the NAMM Show in California, Musikmesse draws in tens of thousands to the Frankfurt Germany Messe grounds.  One key difference is that in 2015 2 full days were dedicated as public days so enthusiastic musicians could roam the halls checking out gear.  For our part, we teamed up with our pals at TV Jones and shared space for event.  TV’s display featured a variety of instruments from a multitude of builders that utilize his incredible pickups.  Needless to say, this brought in many excited visitors to our corner of the event.  We were grateful so many of the instruments had Bigsby vibratos as a hiccup from the airline held up our display–but TV Jones saved the day!


At each trade show we are humbled to see the wide range of builders (both large and small scale) that utilize our tailpieces to bring their vision to reality.  Musikmesse 2015 delivered!  Master built pieces from Hilko, Saul Koll, Pagelli and others were truly incredible to play; a real honor.  Another gem of the Messe was the large exhibit from renowned photographer Neal Preston featuring some of his best known works; a treat for all!  Many thanks to everyone that came out and made this event a stunning success!

Check out more of our photos from the show HERE.

Lots of changes are in store from Musikmesse for 2016! Learn more HERE.

More photos direct from Musikmesse HERE:

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A Bit of Pedal Steel…

1951 Coy Martin steel guitar

1951 Bigsby Steel Built for Coy Martin

In the April 2015 issue of Premier Guitar magazine, Michael Ross presents a wonderfully written history of the steel guitar.  It’s no exaggeration to call this endeavor, to condense an immense history into an easy to understand and fun to read story, a monumental task.  Ross breaks down the complex history starting from the evolution from the Hawaiian islands in the early 20th century and its progression through Western, Country, and Pop music.  In the process, he spotlights key figures including Bud Issacs, Buddy Emmons, Speedy West and Paul Bigsby.  Whether advancements in the pedal steel came from the personal preference of an individual (think pedal function from Buddy Emmons and Jimmy Day), or practical issues such as Paul Bigsby putting the pedals in front of the player rather than fanned out on the side, Ross covers all of the bases.  It can easy to for the early contributions Paul Bigsby made in the development of the pedal steel world to be hazy as he is mostly remembered for his solidbody guitars and True Vibrato tailpieces. However, as was the case in many of his endeavors, his influence was trailblazing! Be sure to check out the complete article on Premier Guitar’s website HERE and for more information on Paul Bigsby, check out Andy Babiuk’s The Story of Paul Bigsby; Father of the Modern Electric Solidbody Guitar. The world of steel guitar is rich with amazing stories, players, inventors. Dig in!

Just for a bit of inspiration (and envious frustration), here are some video links of incredible steel guitar recordings…

Sol Hoopii, Hula Girl

Eddie Kirk, Candy Kisses

Webb Pierce, Slowly

Leon McAuliffe & Cimarron Boys, Steel Guitar Rag

Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant, Flyin’ High

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Musikmesse 2015!

We’re packing our bags and preparing ourselves for the long journey across the Atlantic! That’s right, we will be making the voyage to exhibit at the 2015 Musikmesse in Frankfurt Germany! Every spring the sprawling grounds of the Frankfurt messe host the incomparable event.  This years event is slated to start on April 15 and runs through the 18th.  Not just for folks in the trade, 2015 will be open to the public.  on both Friday and Saturday (April 17th, 18th).  Be sure to get your tickets in advance and plan to arrive early! Tickets are available online HERE. With an estimated attendance expected near 100,000 it is sure to be a fun weekend—not to mention that we’ll be with our pals from TV Jones! Be sure to stop by and visit us both in booth 4.0, H19.  Not only will our full line of vibratos be available for you to check out, but so will  TV Jones guitars and pickups! Too cool to miss; get your tickets NOW!  Looking forward to seeing you all in Frankfurt!

If you can’t make it to the show Frankfurt to visit in person, follow us on Twitter or ‘Like’ us on Facebook for updates throughout the show.

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Tempe Guitar Show Wrap Up!

That’s a wrap and it’s good to be back! After a 1 year absence from the Tempe Guitar Show, we were back in 2015! Not much beats a FREE outdoor guitar show in the Arizona sunshine with great live music–especially after the wild and treacherous winter that many parts of the country have endured.  This event always puts a spring in our step (pun intended!), and 2015 was no exception! As you’ll notice in the photos below, the sun shone down on all visitors.  This year, we were able to partner with our pals at Vibramate to offer up FREE Spoilers with all Vibramate installations. Many thanks to everyone who took advantage of the great promotion! You certainly kept us on our toes!  In addition to the Vibramate promotion, we continued to offer our Pit-Stop program which lets folks with a Bigsby already on their guitar stop by for a complimentary check-up. The 8-point check makes sure that vibrato on your guitar is performing in tip-top shape.  Be sure to check our 2015 event schedule for a city near you!  Many thanks to everyone that came out and made this a great event! See you in 2016!

Tempe Guitar Show Facebook
More photos from the Phoenix New Times HERE.

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Tempe Guitar Show-2015

Each spring (when most of us are wanting nothing more than to get outside) the good folks are Antique Electronic Supply offer perhaps the best possible cure–a FREE guitar show in the Arizona sunshine! We’re SUPER excited to be heading back to the Valley of the Sun this year . To be held at their company headquarters on March 7 at 6221 South Maple Avenue, Tempe AZ 85283, this is sure to be a highlight event for the 2015 season. Co-Sponsored by Jensen Loudspeakers and Gretsch Guitars, they is sure to be something for everyone.  40+ exhibitors (plus food!) will be showcasing their products and live music will be pumping from the Gretsch stage.  We’re gonna be cool here and contain our excitement a bit, but, you don’t want to miss the musical acts. Big Tex & The Blazin’ Pintos, Chuck Hall Band, Slik Fifty, Guitarnauts, and Pat Roberts and the Heymakers! All for FREE! Continuing on the FREE theme, we are offering our free installations, but with a bit of a super twist. Partnering with our friends at both Vibramate and Antique Electronic Supply, we are able to offer an extra special deal for this event only. Purchase a Bigsby vibrato and corresponding Vibramate mounting kit, have us install it at the show and receive a Vibramate String Spoiler FREE! If you aren’t familiar with a String Spoiler, its the ingenious bracket below (no mod) that makes changing strings on your Bigsby a breeze! Check out THIS flyer and reserve your time slot today!Spoiler-Exploded-600S

If you haven’t been to this in previous years, do yourself and favor and get it on the calendar now!

For more information and to check out a full list of exhibitors, visit



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NAMM Show 2015 Wrap Up!

When it comes to BIG, loud, and exciting events nothing compares to the NAMM Show! Each year  tens of thousands of industry folks gather at the Anaheim Convention Center in Southern California and spend 4 glorious days checking out EVERYTHING under the music industry’s sun. 2015 was no exception and previous attendance records were shattered! According to NAMM, the 2015 registration and attendance topped 99,300! Additionally, a new record was also set of exhibiting companies at 1,621-a full 6% increase over 2014! An impressive stat on its own, but what really shines is that first time exhibitors doubled from 2014–up to 331.  NAMM President & CEO Joe LaMond said that the ‘industry showed up with unparalleled energy’, and it certainly showed and was felt be everyone in the building. As doors opened on Thursday morning,  a rush of visitors instantly flooded the halls and a glorious cacophony followed.  Our most sincere gratitude to those that stopped by to visit and check out our full product line.  Seeing folks getting up close and being able to compare our different vibrato models in person is what makes this show so incredible from our perspective.  While our booth is the epicenter of Bigsby tailpieces at the show, it certainly wasn’t the only place they could be found.  All around the show, our vibratos were featured not only on the most well-known and established brands including Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, and PRS, but new companies and boutique builders including Mike Lull, Nik Huber, and Saul Koll.  Check out the photos below and the full gallery HERE for more.  We always love the opportunity to see what luthiers are doing with our tailpieces, but this event was over the top! Suffice to say, a fine gent found a way to add our B5 to a banjo–a BANJO!

Generous thanks to all those who attended and stopped by to visit. The 2015 NAMM Show was an incredible way to kick off the new year! For more information and coverage from the show and more galleries, check out NAMM’s site HERE and Premier Guitar’s HERE.


Next Event–Tempe Guitar Show on March 7!

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