Paul McCartney – As music lovers we are all fortunate to have Sir Paul McCartney still writing, singing, and sharing his talent. What can you say that hasn’t already been said in describing his legacy? Let’s pretend you befriend a guy from another planet, and you have to explain who Paul McCartney is: you’d start by saying was in the Beatles…”you know…the greatest rock band ever”, then you’d say he’s arguably the greatest songwriter since the time of Virgil, then you’d go on telling of the many instruments and musical styles he’s fluent in and how he sings like a bird. If all else failed you could just hum a few bars of ‘Hey Jude”, since there’s a good chance aliens know that one.

In this concert photograph he is playing an Epiphone Casino with a Bigsby B7.

One more thing – greatest singing bass player ever!

Paul McCartney