Chet Atkins – known as “Mr. Guitar”,  is synonymous with Gretsch and Bigsby. An international guitar sensation, he is the recipient of at least thirteen Grammy’s and nine Country Music Association Awards. A Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winner and record producer, he is also a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. With hundreds of studio recordings and television appearances, Chet Atkins may be the most successful guitar picker of all time.

He has quoted Merle Travis and Django Reinhardt as two of his main guitar inspirations. His own style utilizes the thumb and first two fingers to pick both the melody and accompanying bass/chord line together. With his syncopation and unique ear for melody, Chet Atkins redefined what came to be known as the Nashville Sound.

In this picture from the album: CHET ATKINS’ WORKSHOP, he is seen with Gretsch Model 6119 guitar complete with a Bigsby B6.


Chet at RCA