Billy Zoom first gained recognition with the LA based band X. Armed with his signature Gretsch Silver Jet, he introduced first-wave punks to the Rockabilly genre. A true American rocker,  he was a refreshing blast to the early scene. While most Punk-Rockers’ rebelled with drunken power-chords and sloppy play; he was the polar opposite: polished, cool, and with great tone.

Now 3 decades later, Zoom is still performing with X on reunion tours. His gear, style, and approach are a throw-back to a time when Hot-Rods ruled the strip.

In the above picture, he is playing his Silver Jet with the more refined Bigsby B12. In 2008 Gretsch introduced the Billy Zoom Custom Shop G6 129 BZ as a tribute to his legacy.


Billy Zoom