Being the Gretsch fan that you are, you probably know that Mr. Joe Carducci has been traveling this great land spreading the word of That Great Gretsch Sound! Well, we took our turn to see the Twang-O-Rama November 18 at Riff City Guitar in New Hope, MN.  A bright, if not cold, day in the Twin Cities suburb was the perfect setting for this informative event.  As you may know, Joe Carducci is not only a man of immense Gretsch knowledge (which he is always ready to share), but also possesses a magnetic personality makes being around him so much fun! With everyone assembled and the juices flowing from the wide-reaching music video introduction, Joe hit the stage and started telling us about the history and the ‘3 Big Bangs’ of Gretsch Guitars.  Since we’re editing this for length–as 134+ years of history is a lot (and because you should seek out one of these events in person), the 3 amazing players who helped define the brand were Chet Atkins, George Harrison, and Brian Setzer.  Can you imagine music without these 3? We can’t either…The forces in popular music are undeniable!

While all of the knowledge, history, and great live music from Joe Hudson and Paul Moseley was without parallel–FREE swag doesn’t hurt either.  In addition to the very cool hats and lanyards that were given out, guests were entered into a drawing for sweet Gretsch Electromatic work shirts and a B70’d G2622T! Needless to say, everyone was beyond excited at the chance to add another guitar to their arsenal—and by the screams of excitement, the winner was quite happy! Don’t miss your chance to check out one of these amazing events at a store near you!

More information on upcoming events HERE.

Thanks to Gretsch Guitars and Riff City Guitar for a great event!

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