The Bigsby vibrato tailpiece is a type of vibrato device for electric guitars.
The top mount allows musicians to bend the pitch of notes or entire chords with their pick hand for various effects. The Bigsby Vibrato was the first successful design of what is now called a whammy bar or tremolo arm, although vibrato is technically correct term for the musical effect it produces.

Bigsby Artists

Bigsby is always thinking about style, tone, and vibe. So no matter the stage, you're always ready for one more song...especially from some of our Bigsby artists!
Chet Atkins

Chet Atkins

known as "Mr. Guitar"

Chet Atkins is synonymous with Gretsch and Bigsby. An international guitar sensation, he is the recipient of at least thirteen Grammy’s and nine Country Music Association Awards.

Keith Richards

Keith Richards

Rolling Stones

Keith Richards is a founding member of the Rolling Stones and one of the greatest guitar players and rock-n-roll personalities of all time.

Jack White

Jack White

The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, and The Dead Weather

Jack White has set himself apart with this unique guitar playing style, writing technique, and love for the analog recording process.

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News & Events

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Summer NAMM 2018 wrap up!

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